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Traffic Operations

Dunn Engineering Associates (DEA) is fast becoming a leader in the operation of centralized Traffic Operations Centers throughout the Northeastern United States.  Since 1992, DEA has either teamed or served solely in a position of responsibility for the day-to-day traffic management, traffic information and system maintenance of these centers.

One of DEA’s goals is to improve upon or continue implementing currently successful procedures from the previous operational practices to make a positive impact.  The results of these improvements can be measured in terms of better system performance, increased efficiency and effectiveness in providing transportation management services, traveler information, and handling incident management. Over time these things will provide an increase in safety and mobility benefits for the motorist.

DEA has played major roles in initiating, designing, implementing and operating Traffic Operations Centers.  This extensive knowledge and experience has given us unique qualifications related to operating Traffic Operations Centers, allowing the firm to provide qualified system operators and management, system software maintenance, develop and maintain support software, supervise maintenance of equipment and monitor the performance of the maintenance contractor’s repair work and the Maintenance & Protection of Traffic during field operations.

When it comes to operations for incident management and emergency management, DEA literally wrote the book for the Federal Highway Administration.  DEA prepared the first Incident Management Handbook, which has become an important resource for many agencies involved with incident management and emergency preparedness.

As innovators in the effective use of ITS systems in traffic management, DEA has an informed appreciation for the complexity of Traffic Operations.  Our broad perspective provides great benefit to any DOT in need of an experienced and qualified leader in the successful operation of a Traffic Operations Center.


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