Transportation Planning  

  • Long Island, New York ITS Master Plan
    New York State DOT

    DEA prepared a master plan for deploying ITS on Long Island. Key elements included freeway surveillance, control, and motorist information services. A detailed conceptual design for a system on Southern State Parkway has been developed and the PS&E prepared. The plan included designs which make Long Island's highways "smart", enhance mobility, establish a coordinated approach to congestion management, and meet air quality standards. Efforts included design of new Traffic Management Center (TMC). DEA identified a corridor segment for early implementation and produced the PS&E package and is providing construction support services.


  • Alternate Route Technical Guidance
    Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

    The FHWA has awarded DEA, working in association with SAIC, a contract to identify process and contents recommended for an alternate route plan and its constituent routes.

    The deployment of an alternate route plan marks a key traffic management strategy for minimizing the effect of a major unplanned event on traffic flow.

    The technical reference will identify and recommend successful policies, guidelines, and procedures for use in alternate route selection and plan development. It will also distinguish between the needs and requirements of regional and local justifications encompassing a range of area types, including rural, urban and metropolitan.


  • Precursor System Analysis

    DEA, under subcontract to Veridian Corporation, participated in this project, related to a future automated highway system (AHS). DEA focused on Roadway Deployment Analysis and the Impact of AHS on Surrounding Non-AHS Roads. DEA identified candidates for AHS roadway configurations, provided example designs, developed and evaluated specific urban and rural deployment scenarios and identified implementation approaches. DEA also identified representative surface street/AHS interface configurations, identified mitigation strategies, and evaluated AHS impacts on non-AHS facilities.


  • New Jersey Statewide Traffic and Incident Management Plan
    New Jersey DOT

    Under subcontract, DEA participated in the preparation of an ITS Master Plan for Southern New Jersey. DEA's primary responsibility included: establishment of criteria for ramp metering; determination of ITS field controller and analysis of aerial traffic surveys.


  • Rhode Island Statewide Congestion Management System
    Rhode Island DOT

    Under subcontract, DEA assisted in the areas of traffic operations management, incident management and the ITS deployment plan.


  • Connecticut I-95 Ramp Metering
    Connecticut DOT

    For Connecticut DOT, DEA designed a ramp metering system for I-95 in southwestern Connecticut.  DEA prepared a Preliminary Engineering Study covering metering at Interchanges 9,10,11,12,13 and 14.

    The study assessed storage capacity, acceleration lane adequacy and effect of metering operations on adjacent intersections. DEA recommended geometric modifications and ramp metering hardware as part of the study.


  • National Roadway Incident Diversion Practices
    Transportation Research Board (TRB)

    DEA was tasked to summarize in a Synthesis format, roadway incident diversion practices, based upon a selected survey of transportation agencies that had developed and deployed alternative route plans. The Synthesis included reports on a detection, communications, and management technologies used to effect those plans and profiles successful practices as reported by transportation agencies that currently divert traffic using alternate route plans.


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