Traffic Operations     

NYSDOT - Joint Traffic Operations Center (JTOC)


New York State DOT selected the team of Parsons Brinckerhoff and Dunn Engineering Associates (DEA), along with Eng Wong Taub & Associates and the Sam Schwartz Company to operate the JTOC in Long Island City.  The JTOC is truly a joint operation with NYSDOT and NYCDOT as partner agencies. Coordination with NYPD and TRANSCOM is also a major focus

JTOC currently controls or will control the 5 Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) of Northern Manhattan / Bronx; Western Queens; Eastern Queens; Brooklyn and Staten Island.

It is planned to expand the current center to accommodate these systems, currently scheduled to be completed by 2006.  This  new facility will be known as the JTMC or Joint Traffic Management Center.

JTOCís objectives include increasing the reliability, mobility and safety of travel for its motorist customers.  JTOC information dissemination capabilities assist the motorist in getting a more reliable travel time.  The incident management capabilities of JTOC enhance mobility by reducing the time lanes are blocked, and thus mitigating delay.  A robust incident management program at JTOC improves safety by reducing secondary accidents and time spent by motorists and response personnel stopped on the highway.

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