Traffic Operations    

Interim Operation Center (IOC) for the Boston     Central Artery / Tunnel (CA/T) Project


The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority recently awarded Dunn Engineering Associates (DEA) a contract to operate the IOC for the Boston CA/T project.

The IOC is a 24/7 communications facility that supports CA/T project construction and mitigation efforts.  The IOC manages the Project Emergency Notification System and maintains continuous monitoring and contact with public emergency services.

The CA/T project is the largest, most complex and technologically challenging highway project in American history.  By replacing Bostonís deteriorating elevated Central Artery with a modern underground eight-to-ten lane downtown highway, the project will dramatically improve the flow of traffic from I-90.

The IOC is proving an invaluable resource for construction mitigation.  The need for traffic mitigation is strong since the demolition of the overhead Central Artery and building of roadways and parklands will occur during the next two years.  This work will require a steady flow of traffic mitigation plans to be implemented by the IOC.  Therefore, the mission of the IOC remains as critical as ever.


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