• Traffic Control Systems Handbook  


    In 1996, DEA prepared a new version of the Traffic Control Systems Handbook. DEA updated all information in the previous handbook and added new material on ITS. The handbook version make copious use of figures and tables to present information in easily digestible format. DEA now leads an effort  to again update the handbook for FHWA. A comprehensive update was performed, provided to the FHWA, and is currently under review.

  • Incident Management Handbook and Videotape

    This project assembled and presented in one complete package a synthesis of the most successful operating strategies available for managing incidents on freeways. The package consisted of a handbook depicting the current state-of-the-practice of freeway incident management, as well as a companion videotape which promoted the adoption and implementation of freeway incident management.

     DEA produced the handbook in an attractive easy to read format using desk top publishing. The handbook made copious use of tables and figures that efficiently presented information without the use of lengthy text. A consistent format in each chapter further enhanced the user friendliness of the handbook.

    The handbook treated each of the major facets of incident management: detection, verification, response, removal, motorist information, and traffic management. The use of photographs, case studies, and easy to follow steps, assisted agencies in setting up a successful incident management program.

    The video was a motivational program designed to stimulate officials to strongly support the incident management concept. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) distributed the video.


  • Communications Handbook for Traffic Control Systems

    DEA completed a communications handbook that includes a detailed review of current state-of-the-practice information on various communications media and configuration options, decision-making processes and trade-off analyses. This handbook was written to enable transportation engineers to plan, select, design, implement, operate, and maintain communication systems for traffic control.

    It was designed to aid transportation officials overseeing traffic control systems, communications engineers, and traffic control system engineers.

    The handbook provides information on system architectures; it serves as a guide for agencies wishing to initiate a traffic control system that incorporates functional, effective, reliable and economical communications or to update and modernize an existing communications system for traffic control.

    DEA is now assisting Siemens-Gardner in updating the Handbook.



  • Freeway Management Systems for Energy Conservation
    Transport Canada

    DEA prepared a handbook on freeway management systems covering applicable technologies, their characteristics and guidelines for deployment.

    DEA also prepared a feasiblility study for freeway traffic management systems (FTMS) in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Viable corridors and freeways were identified as well as applicable FTMS techniques.


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