Traffic Engineering  

  • Route 5 Albany Traffic Signal Design & Engineering
    Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA)

    As a prime consultant Dunn Engineering Associates (DEA) provided Traffic Engineering and Design Services to CDTA for a traffic signal and interconnect system.  In addition, DEA completed the development of signal timing plans for 90 traffic signals using SYNCHRO, emphasizing transit priority and integration with SMART Bus technology.  This Closed Loop Signal System (CLSS) utilized fiber optic communication cable for interconnection of NYSDOT Model 179 controllers.

  • Traffic Engineering & Planning Services

    DEA has been awarded a 3 year contract to provide consultant services that  will assist NYSDOT in the completion of a variety of Traffic Engineering/Analysis and Planning tasks.  The results of the assigned tasks may be used as part of a current or future study or plan. 


  • Topics IV Traffic Signal Computerization Program

    As part of a continuing traffic improvement program to meet existing and  future transportation demands, the NYCDOT has undertaken a program to expand its computerized signal control system.  At the project completion, the City will have a total of 8000 computer-controlled signals under vehicular Traffic Control System (VTCS).  DEA’s responsibilities included providing engineering services to design signal upgrades, supported the project team to expand the existing operational computerized VTCS, and to perform required services to inspect and coordinate project contracts.


  • County Road 39 - Replacement of North Road Bridge
    Suffolk County Department of Public Works (SCDPW)

    DEA is teamed with Sidney B. Bowe & Son, LLP highway designers, Norton  Brothers Dunn surveyors, and Freudenthal & Elkowitz Consulting Group, Inc. and EEA, Inc. Environmental Engineers.  DEA is providing engineering services in conjunction with the replacement of a deteriorated existing three lane structure with a new five lane structure.


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